Photo & Video Gallery

BB Centrum in two minutes

Video from summer music festival in BB Centrum 2017

Video - BB C Cup 2017 - football tournament

Children’s Day 2018 in BB Centrum

BB Centroom 2020

Passerinvest Group opens a unique multimedia showroom Centroom - May 2019

Building Budova G

Summer Music Festival in BB Centrum 2016

BB C Cup 2015


BB Centrum video 2016

Radim Passer - Bugatti Veyron - 402,5 km/h - World Record on Public Highway (2015)

Children’s Day 2017 in BB Centrum

Football BBC CUP 2019 - all are the winners

BB C CUP 2018 - summer football event

Balance Club Brumlovka - fitness and wellness club


Park and Green areas

Summer Music Festival in BB Centrum 2017 - 25 years of PASSERINVEST GROUP

Video - Summer Music Festival in 2016 - famous Czech band Olympic

First prefabricated housing block demolished in Prague (2018)

Beetle in BB Centrum

Children's Day in BB Centrum - 2019


BB C Cup 2016

Family Day 2015

BB Centrum

RADIM PASSER achieves prestigious CEEQA 2017 AWARD

Video - BB C Cup 2016 - football tournament

Grand opening of Namesti Brumlovka in BB Centrum - June 2018

BB Centrum celebrates 20 years - Summer party for all 2018 with Tomas Klus and Ewa Farna

Building Budova B

Spring festival at Brumlovka Square - Spring 2019


Family Day 2016