New co-working space available in the heart of BB Centrum

New co-working space available in the heart of BB Centrum

A new outdoor co-working space meant for people working in the complex and the general public appeared at the beginning of September on Brumlovka Square in BB Centrum. Basic office furniture will be available in the cubes, open to the environs, situated in front of the Brumlovka building, creating an outdoor chill-out zone with a myriad of possible uses.

The new co-working space offers a relatively intimate, while widely open working environment in fresh air, which all visitors to the BB Centrum complex can use. The space is comprised of Leva blocks from Egoé life and, thanks to their pure lines and sharp shapes, it fits in perfectly to the concept of a modern office park. Inside the construction there is comfortable outdoor furniture available, making a comfy space suitable for work or relaxation as well as a Wi-Fi connection.

“We are pleased to be able to offer new things to our tenants and visitors from the ranks of the general public, including an interesting working environment. The current concept of an outdoor co-working space corresponds to our vision of bring together the individual tenants and helps the entire BB Centrum to work as a community,” explained Martin Draper, the Customer Relationship Manager  of PASSERINVEST GROUP, with regard to the new space.

Egoé life, which provided the outdoor construction made of Leva blocks, focuses on “outdoor life”. It creates a diverse collection of outdoor furniture, which is distinguished by its high quality of workmanship and modest, cultivated design respecting its environs.

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