Open shops and services at BB Centrum

Open shops and services at BB Centrum

Dear tenants and visitors to BB Centrum,

We would like to inform you that in accordance with restrictions that are in line with emergency measures prepared by the Government of the Czech Republic and other authorities, some services were temporarily closed. You can find a list of open shops, establishments and services by building (we are continuously updating it) on this website.


Please see available dining options in the area:

 Building A (Moneta):

Canteen – Perfect Canteen


Moneta Money Bank

  • branch opened (Mo: 9.00–18.00, Tue–Thr 9.00–17.00 and Fri 9.00–16.00)

 ALPHA Building:

PuzzlePasta / PuzzleSalads:


Confectioner's Hájek & Hájková:

BETA Building:

Dhaba Beas


DELTA Building:

 Restaurace Vyskočilka



Express Grill

  • opened
  • new delivery of combined groceries to home: basic food assortment, semi-finished products, ready meals can be ordered - registration at:
  • outdoor barbecue station in front of the entrance to the building

Canteen – Office Food

Puzzle Salads:

  Sushi time



  • supermarket Albert open 


  • drugstore dm opened in usual operation

 We Hate Ironig

JK Jitka Kudláčková

Romantika Florist

Unicredit Bank

  • branch opened in usual operation


Pizzeria Grosseto

Restaurant and shop Maranatha

  • Shop open (Mo–Thr. 8.00–17.00 and Fri. 8.00–15.00)
  • Restaurant opened

Czech post

  • post office opened in usual operation

 Novus Optik

  • shop opened (shortened opening hours – Mo-Fri. 10:00 to 18:00) 

Car wash - Automyčka Collection

  • opened in usual operation

Don Pealo

  • newsstand opened  in usual operation


  • branch opened in usual operation

Arena Shop

Romantika Florist

Coffee Perk

Bianco Rosso

Building G 

Asian Street Food by Kiin: 

Rezidence BB Centrum

Pharmacy Magistra

  • pharmacy opened in usual operation