Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Emphasis on the Environment and Its Sustainable Development

PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s. is committed to making BB Centrum a unique place for living, working, and spending leisure time. In the spirit of this strategy, the company is developing a “green”concept for BB Centrum focusing on supporting environmental sustainability. The office buildings at BB Centrum fulfil not only the demanding requirements for well-designed Grade A office space, they are also BREEAM certified, guaranteeing high quality buildings from the point of view of their long-term sustainability. The buildings feature extensive roof gardens, richly planted with trees and other foliage, as well as relaxation zones for short breaks.

But greenery isn’t found only on roof terraces or immediately surrounding individual buildings. Throughout the BB Centrum, you’ll find well-maintained landscaping and many water features, such as fountains and streams. At the newest building, DELTA, rainwater is captured in an original artificial riverbed for use in the adjoining green corridor. There are two large parks located in at BB Centrum, each about one hectare in size. Baar Park, in BB Centrum’s northern section, has a recreation area with benches, a pétanque court, and numerous other unusual attractions for children and adults. The second park, the newly built Brumlovka Park, the first phase of which was finished in 2015, features an extensive grassy area with trees and a large, modern playground with numerous play elements. In upcoming years, it will undergo significant expansion.

Our goal is to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and to that end, we put two electric buses into operation in February 2016 on a regular shuttle bus line connecting BB Centrum and the Budějovická metro station, an ecological solution to improving the complex’s accessibility. The electrobuses also significantly reduce the production of greenhouse gases in the area, reduce noise levels, and improve passenger comfort while helping to reduce the number of cars in the complex.

Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle

PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s. also supports a healthy lifestyle at BB Centrum through, for example, the unique fitness and wellness centre Balance Club Brumlovka as well as regular football tournaments and Health Day for tenants and the general public. BB Centrum’s parks and playgrounds are used by joggers as well as tennis and pétanque players. Children in particular love the extensive outdoor recreation opportunities for their sports and play activities on several specially-designed playgrounds. A healthy lifestyle is supported within the complex by a wide spectrum of healthy eating options, with a number of establishments offering cuisine from all over the world, including vegetarian and vegan food.

Expanding Our Horizons in the Social Sphere

PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s. is also dedicated to culture and special interest leisure time activities. BB Centrum’s “after-hours” program includes Children’s Day, the summer cinema Kinobus, as well as regular summer concerts by popular groups and singers in Baar Park with a wide range of accompanying activities. In 2015, a special public library was erected in Baar Park as part of the “Adopt a BookBooth” program, and the second BookBooth was placed in Brumlovka Park in 2016. BookBooths are repurposed telephone booths offering books to borrow at no cost.  Other interesting activities are organized by the Bethany Community Centre and the BB Centrum Club, which bring together residents in BB Centrum’s immediate vicinity. The company places emphasis on the development of the area based on the wishes of specific people. 

My wish is for PASSERINVEST GROUP to be known as a company that has transformed the face of traditional development, as a company that has successfully built BB Centrum as a unique place that benefits everyone – companies, individuals, and Czech society in general.”
Radim Passer, Chairman of the Board and founder of PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s.