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BB Centrum – A City Within A City

The multifunctional BB Centrum complex (25 hectares) is comprised of a total of 17 buildings, 12 of which are office buildings, two residential projects, a fitness and wellness centre in the BRUMLOVKA building, a social centre and Elijáš Christian elementary school, nursery school and now also high school. The concept of the office buildings fulfils the clients’ most demanding criteria for a practical and comfortable design of spaces of the highest quality, on the best technical and technological level.

The buildings are certified according to BREEAM. Most of the BB Centrum buildings have extensive terraces, decorated extensively with trees and foliage, also featuring benches and relaxation zones. Greenery is also an integral part of the building interiors, i.e. the ALPHA building has a large green wall in its lobby, which makes an interesting feature of what is elsewhere just a featureless passage space. There are also retail units located in each office building. They ensure the comprehensive covering of needs both for those who work here, and for those who live in the vicinity. In BB Centrum there are healthcare facilities, a pharmacy, a Czech Post Office branch, banks and automated tellers, cosmeticians, grocery stores, various cafés and restaurants, Balance Club Brumlovka, a wellness and fitness centre that is unique in the country, several sports facilities and playgrounds, all a short distance from one another.

There are also two publicly-accessible parks in BB Centrum. Baarův Park by the FILADELFIE building, which features a large water fountain, has one hectare with a row of benches, a free Wi-Fi zone, a freely accessible library booth, a pétanque terrain, a rotating swing and an untraditional Chinese whisper post. The second is the first phase of Brumlovka Park, which is located close to the Social Centre and which is dominated by a large playground with several elements and attractions. Another library booth is available here, as are several places to sit, plus a separate meadow for walking dogs.

PASSERINVEST GROUP, which is the investor and developer of this unique and functioning “city within a city”, is not only thinking of its tenants and employees in BB Centrum, for whom it regularly holds informal gatherings and sports afternoons, such as the BB C Cup football tournament, but it also thinks of the surrounding inhabitants. Children’s days are regularly held in BB Centrum, as are open-air concerts in Baarův Park and the summer cinema screenings as part of the KinoBus project.

BB Centrum is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018, but the development of the complex is not at an end. In the future it is planning three more office and residential projects, a Museum of the Bible and an extension to Brumlovka Park. The construction of a block of flats for long- and short-term leases is currently underway. The total investment into BB Centrum will therefore reach 1.1 billion euros.

  • We offer modern offices and shops for rent
  • There are more than 12,000 people during the day
  • Working space for more than 15 000 people
  • Over twenty choises where you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • Large green parks, children´s playgrounds and sport´s centre for public

BB Centrum Projects Transport Accessibility Shops and Services


1. ALPHA Building

Vyskočilova 1461/2a, Praha 4


2. Athletic stadium

Na Schodech, Praha 4


3. Baar Park

between Baarova and Želetavská street, Prague 4


4. Baar Residential Park

Baarova 1542/48, Praha 4


5. BB Centroom

Budova Brumlovka, Vyskočilova 1100/2, Praha 4 - 140 00


6. Bethany Community Centre

Za Brumlovkou 1519/4,140 00 Praha 4


7. BRUMLOVKA Building

Vyskočilova 1100/2,140 00 Prague 4


8. Brumlovka Park

Za Brumlovkou 1519/4, Michle


9. BETA Building

Vyskočilova 1481/4, Praha 4


10. Building A

Vyskočilova 1442/1b, Praha 4


11. Building B

Vyskočilova 1422/1a, Prague 4


12. Building B - retail space

Vyskočilova 1422/1a, Praha 4


13. Building C

Vyskočilova 1410/1, Praha 4


14. Building D

Jemnická 1138/1, Praha 4 - Michle


15. Building E

Duhová 425/1, Praha 4


16. FILADELFIE Building

Želetavská 1525/1, Praha 4


17. Building G

Michelská 1552/58, Praha 4


18. Buildings VILLAS

Želetavská 1448/7, Prague 4


19. DELTA Building

Za Brumlovkou 1559/5, Prague 4


20. Elijáš Christian High School, Primary School and Nursery School

Baarova 360/24, Michle


21. Filadelfie Building - retail spaces

Želetavská 1525/1, Praha 4


22. GAMMA Building

Za Brumlovkou 266/2, Praha 4


23. Pedestrian subway decorated by a mosaic

Behind Gamma Building (next to Brumlovka Park)


24. Public playground on Baarova Street

Baarova 360/24, Praha 4 - Michle


25. Residence BB CENTRUM

Želetavská 1447/5, Praha 4


26. Pavilion of Christian School Elijáš

Baarova 29, Praha 4


27. The new Brumlovka Square

Vyskočilova 1400/2

28. Aparthotel V3 – under construction

Vyskočilova 3, Praha 4

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1. Highway D1 – direction Brno

2. Highway D1 – direction Praha centre

3. Budějovická Metro line C

4. Buses n. 118, 170, 124 – station Budějovická

5. Buses n. 118, 170, 124 – station Brumlovka

6. Buses n. 118, 170, 124 – station Brumlovka

7. Buses n. 118, 170, 124 – station Za Betou

8. Buses n. 118, 170, 124 – station Filadelfie

9. Parking

10. Parking

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BB Centrum Events

Summer music festival in BB Centrum - June, 20, 2019


TED talk: Change the world "Congo" - June, 18, 2019


Italy at Brumlovka Square - June 26, 2019


Let´s travel " Three years in Saudi Arabia" - June 5, 2019 in Restaurant Kobe



Summer Music Festival in BB Centrum 2016


BB C Cup 2015




BB C CUP 2018 - summer football event


Building G


Summer Music Festival in BB Centrum 2017 - 25 years of PASSERINVEST GROUP


Video - Summer Music Festival in 2016 - famous Czech band Olympic


First prefabricated housing block demolished in Prague (2018)


ALPHA Building

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